Saturday, August 26, 2006

Studio- 3D Prints

Here's a few of our recent 3D prints. Prints are created in a bed of powder and must be excavated like fossils. Our first print focused on a central spine and slices of our boulder that connected in a variety of holds. The second print joined everything in to a solid surface to study overall form and center of gravity. Next, we plan to simplify the overall scheme with fewer but larger rings as well as some enlarged prints of detail connections. The horizontal ribbons have been a great way to restrict our movements while also forcing us to deal with overturning forces as well as gravity (resisiting force becomes diagonal rather than just straight down). Which reminds me I just read a great essay by Greg Lynn titled "Differential Gravity" (Any Magazine #5 or his book of essays). He describes complex relationships between lightness and gravity that involve intensification and multiplicity as oppossed to a simplistic dualism.