Friday, September 29, 2006

Fall 2006- Lottery Results

I came out pretty well getting both my first picks: Neil Denari for regular studio and Thom Mayne for the research studio. The rest of my schedule will be a theory course taught by Michael Speaks and a tech class taught by Jason Payne.

Today consisted of presentations by all eight studio professors (research and regular). Everyone actually showed up except Thom Mayne, hopefully thats not a sign of things to come. After we turned in our forms we played the waiting game for quite awhile as the committees sorted it out. Then the results were posted and everyone rushed to see their assignments.

Once the dust settled, our studio met with Denari and discussed the project further and assigned research assignments for the weekend. It will be an intense studio because we are doing two projects this quarter. Under my last post you can find a link to the course outline. The title is Air Tight/Water Tight and to sum it up its two projects exploring fluidity in architecture through precise program-driven relationships.