Friday, October 20, 2006

Lectures- Everywhere

UCLA: Our first lecture of the season was Peter Frankfurt, a partner at Imaginary Forces:
The lecture focused on their projects ranging from their start in film titles (begining with "seven") to what he called experience design which involved information and interface integrated with interior (mostly corporate) environments. they also worked with United Architects on the WTC competition, pushing the group to create storyboards and consider the project from the cinematic eye of the passerby on the sidewalk. The film they made is on the website:

SCI-ARC: Wednesday night a few of us braved rush hour to hear Manuel De Landa speak about Gilles Deleuze and the Algorhytmic in Architecture. Hard to understand at first, it turned out to be eye-opening and very relevant to our technology class and its discourse on manifolds.

BAY AREA: Jason Payne and Heather Roberge of Gnuform will be speaking at CCA October 23rd. I recommend going to all my friends in San Francisco. Jason was my summer studio professor and teaches my technology course this quarter. He has some interesting ideas about biology and bringing physics back to indexical architectural studies.