Thursday, November 09, 2006

Studio- Air Tight Final Boards

Final Reviews for the Air Tight project took place on Monday. Jury included Peter Frankfurt of Imaginary Forces, theorist and teacher Michael Speaks, a PhD candidate, an architect form Holland, and Denari. Reviews went well although I missed a bunch due to plotting problems. i presented these two boards along with a 3d print. Jurists found the project interesting but different from others in the studio. Most preferred the scheme in its monochromatic 3d print appearance rather than the rendered color versions. I intended the materiality to support the qualities of curvature through gloss and glow but the colors got a bit butchered in the final rendering and printing. Most of the discussion was about the immersive labyrinthine character of the tubes. I raised the issue of interiority but was questioned by Speaks as to whether I was talking about interior/exterior relationships or interiority in an Eisenman sense. Its hard to distinguish, as the form of the project obviously collapses inward so that topological surface blurs the boundary between inside and outside. At the same time, form is ordered by an interior set of reactions as the theater space and the tubes wrapping about it react and readjust to each other.