Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tech- Lighting Board

This was our presentation board from two classes ago. The exercise was to begin laying out lighting and wiring infrastructure into our plastic assemblies. Jason encourages us to attempt to name things and use language to precisely to describe parts of the assembly and capture the process. For many of the pieces we have been borrowing language from contemporary philosopher Manuel DeLanda and terms from topological mathematics. When we began coloring this thing and thinking in terms of glow the mathematical language seemed a bit too dry so in a moment of 4am genius (or so we thought) we labeled the large rendering at the bottom of the board the "Glam Perspective". Jason loved it and wanted us to explore the relationships more to Glam Rock. He suggested reading David Bowie's biography. At first, it seems very far fetched but I begin to see his point. He's pushing to draw in to indexical studies not only more qualitative elements like color and light, but also popular references and images. One interesting point he had was that he likes to read reviews by rock critics to understand how they use language to describe and analyze qualities and effects.