Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Studio- Final Board

The second project of the Denari Studio ended up being a three week sprint. The final review consisted of 3d prints and presentation boards with plans, sections, etc. Given the formalist approach I adopted I focused my board on line drawings and capturing the performance of water in the design through showing the contours of the forms along with a few vectors analysing water flow. The jury consisting of Jason Payne, David Erdman, Olivier Tourraine and the new chair Hitoshi Abe strongly disagreed with my approach to the project and so i had a hefty 4 versus 1 defense to maintain. Needless to say my lack of sleep failed me and I mostly took what they dished out. I did manage a few exchanges with the new chair disagreeing with his characterization that the project was chaotic. if anything my project is highly intentional, starting with a troughing system that peaks and descends in a helical manner downward from there. Overall the critics didn't buy the fine line I was riding between a postmodern collage methodology and methods deriving from topology. I did draw some nice comments from Denari who saw the project as a valuable contribution to the overall variety of dialogue in the studio.