Sunday, December 03, 2006

Studio- Hydroscape Renderings

Friday consisted of informal pin-ups with Neil. Less than two weeks are left till the final review December 14th. While my presentation renderings came together hastily at the last minute, my review went pretty well. This project is exploring pretzel-like intersections within a linear system and maintaining differences of parts which is a bit counter to contemporary approaches of smoothing out seams and joints. Earlier I had presented the upper half of the design, this week I made only minor revisions to that part and focused on the lower half of the water's trip down to a collecting pool. The "mountain" as Neil calls it, carries water down at an accelerated pace through a troughing system where it collides with the pavilion roofs on the left and right of the site. This collision is also a switchback turning the flow of water 180degrees back down in to a slower, lower profiled flow. Green roofs have been added as a cross grain to the site creating pockets for the water to flow into and be stored. Because the green roof is absorbent, it also connects the water distribution system back to the sidewalk without having to slope up and create a perimeter wall around the site.