Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tech- Final Project

Final Reviews were in the main hallway which will give them some public exposure but was difficult to show off their lighting because it doesn't get very dark. Critics included UCLA professor Richard Weinstein, two professors from SCI-Arc that also run the firm Materials and Applications, and a few others. Time got kind of short towards the end so our review wasn't as long as we would heave liked. Most presentations focused on presenting their morphology, ensuing effects and for those that dealt with overall affects. We tried to begin with Affect and present details and forms through those themes. Our themes included androgyny as the form was both male and female, axial and linear as well as promiscuity in the presentation and withdrawal of sensuality and lastly I talked about the choreography of the parts to one another and the changing relationships in each composite layering. Critiques came from a few angles, as one questioned the obviousness of the color choices for the androgyny theme while another brought up the hardware and its foreign nature. Its so easy to get burned on color when you have little experience working with it, but based on our tests they still seem to be the right hues. The hardware thing came from the jury's bias against using hardware in general and we tried to fire back a little bit to point our that not every project needs such "pure" connections.