Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Winter Schedule Finalized

The last pieces of the puzzle fell in to place today with a few surprises. I will have three courses this quarter: Madrid Studio with Thom Mayne, Tech Seminar with David Erdman, and a Critical Studies seminar with Marcelyn Gow. I had considered passing on the Tech course this quarter considering how demanding they are but upon attending the introduction this morning it proved to be to big of an opportunity. Our project this quarter will become a full scale storefront installations on Hollywood Blvd. The project will bring enormous exposure to not only our individual portfolios but the entire school program. So it will be great to be a part of it. The final installation is in May and this will also carry over as a independent study next quarter. The project is a continuation of the glow studies of the summer quarter but adding new complexities of scale and site. For the first time we will also be working with interactive technologies, programming the installation to respond to people that approach it. The course is taught by David Erdman of SERVO and so we will also get the chance to work with some of the consultants SERVO has used for their installations.
Lastly, the critical studies course should be a nice complement to this project. It is taught by a partner at SERVO, Marcelyn Gow. The subject matter focuses on the rise of the computer and networking technology in art and architecture of the 1960s and 70s as well as their contemporary influences. Many of the artists I hadn't heard of but architects included were Archigram, the Japanese Metabolists and the THINK exhibit by Charles and Ray Eames. (image above of the interactive 1960s Pepsi Pavilion)