Wednesday, March 28, 2007


After Amsterdam, I met up with two of my studio mates in Copenhagen. That time of year the city was in hibernation, but we still were able to some of unique architectural pieces including the royal palace, the famous Jorn Utzon church, the cathedral, the SAS building by Arnie Jacobsen as well as the expected old Europe streetscapes and squares.

One interesting socio-political condition is the district of Christianna, which is an independent, self-ruled community within the city limits. As one website states: "In 1971, when a swarm of hippies, squatters and political activists invaded an abandoned military base in the heart of Copenhagen (Denmark), few Danes believed the community would still exist today."
Although how much longer it exists is uncertain as the newly elected government is very conservative and has already started moving in. Of course its all about money, as Christiana is adjacent to the expanding waterfront business district.